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The search terms on the left side will be Short. Tail Keywords and the search terms on the right side will be Long-Tail Keywords. For example. Dance instruction VS kindergarten dance school Notebook VS student notebook shoes vs trekking shoes If you can’t figure out what Long-Tail Keyword to use, let’s try typing a short keyword about that in the search box and Google will suggest by itself what people search for. Pearl Milk Tea but can’t figure out what keyword to use , type the word Bubble tea in the search box, Google may recommend Long-Tail Keyword that pearl milk tea ingreients, bubble tea franchise, Taiwan bubble tea, 24-hour milk tea shop, etc.

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After obtaining the Long-Tail Keyword above, we can bring intereste keywords to check their popularity in being searche. Use tools like Google Keyword Planner or Google Search Console to analyze which keywords to include in your content and headlines. To Israel Phone Number encourage the general public, including the target audience, want to click into our content. 3. Fix the issue of inserting Internal Links in different parts of the website. For those of you who don’t know what Internal Links are, Internal Links are links to content within our own website. In order for viewers to stay on our website longer, Google will interpret that our website is good quality. The Internal Links are locate in different sections of the website.

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What we see most often is the content part, like in this picture. Image courtesy of Content Marketing Institute. Next is the top , side, or bottom sections of the website. , Internal Link is a link in a yellow frame thatto view different models of cars. Picture List Provider from Motors UK. Part of the Amazon website in the image below. Internal Link is on the left-hand tab. Picture from Amazon The most common problems with internal links are as follows. I clicke on the link and couldn’t find any content. I only get 404 Errors message. This issue is because the article may have been delete or we inserte the wrong link.

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