Surprising data that you did not know about the films nominated for Best Picture

Like every year, the best of the film industry comes together in one place: the Oscars german telephone number example  . This occasion is no exception. For their part, eight films seek to win recognition for Best Film , which have conquered specialized critics to achieve a place in the shortlist. At the moment, it is already possible to see most of them from streaming platforms or in the premieres that they have had in recent weeks in theaters of the country , however german telephone number example , there is some data behind these productions that you surely did not know and will surprise you. Given this, we have gathered some of these surprising data from each of the films nominated for Best Picture so that you can rediscover the value of each one of them and choose your favorite. There is less and less time to meet the absolute winner german telephone number example .

You can also read: Where to watch some of the films nominated for the Oscar german telephone number example via streaming Namaland was filmed with a crew of 25 people One of the big favorites to win the Oscar for Best Picture – as well as other categories – is undoubtedly Nomadland . The film directed by Chloé Zao introduces us to a nostalgic story of a woman who, after losing everything due to the economic crisis, embarks on a trip in a motor home. The surprising thing about this production is that only german telephone number example people were part of the team that made the film. Minari, the tape that was recorded in german telephone number example  This film – which few know was produced by Brad Pitt himself – was shot in record time; It took days for the team to build the endearing story of this migrant Asian family in the United States. The scenes on the creek stage were even shot in a single day.

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Mexicans nominated for an Oscar for their participation in ‘Sound of metal’ The reach in these Oscars of the film also stands out for giving Steven Yeun the nomination for Best Actor , being the first of Asian-American origin to achieve it. Judas and the black messiah makes history This story, even without being a winner, has already made history within the Oscars  german telephone number example . The film became the first Best Picture nominee to feature African-American producers Shaka King, Charles D. King and Ryan Cooler. Based on a true story, the William O’Neal character infiltrates the Black Panther Party to gather information on Fred Hampton . Do not miss “Monk” list provider  leads the Oscar nominations with 10 nominations Oscar german telephone number example  Reasons why it will be a historic ceremony Interpretive coincidences in The Father The film, inspired by a true story that later became a book, has a similarity between an actor in the cast and protagonist of the story . It is about the connection of actor Anthony Hopkins , who has the same name as the central character. In addition to the name, there is another piece of information that almost seems to match: age. While the character is 80 years old, the actor is . With this film Hopkins also has a nomination in the category of Best Actor  german telephone number example , becoming the oldest actor to be nominated in the history of the awards.

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