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Steps to be a Community Manager

Today Monday January 25 is the day of the community manager, and I feel obliged to write an article on this topic. This profession is becoming more and more important, and many people want to do it. It is important to understand that it is not so easy to publish content that we think may be of interest, but rather that it is necessary to have a strategy and planning, and above all to know your audience.
What is a community manager?

The fundamental thing before engaging in Algeria Mobile Database this analytical and creative work is to know what it is about. A Community Manager is dedicated to creating, managing and administering the online community in the field of a brand, building stable and lasting relationships with its clients, followers and, in general, with any user interested in the brand.

The work of the community manager is not an easy task, it implies having the skills to create and maintain links with the public through various channels and infinite tools. The best CM is the one who works on it day by day, however, we recommend these steps for those who want to start performing the work of the Community Manager:

To begin the performance of this work, you must have detailed knowledge about social networks, their operation and how to manage them to achieve communication objectives with the target audience.

It is also very important to train in community manager courses taught by professionals with experience and experience, currently a great free online offer is available to take advantage of.
Self learning

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Due to the constant updating of the different networks and digital tools, it is recommended:

Crear un listado de fuentes de informaci├│n profesional para consultar con frecuencia en la web o a trav├ęs de las redes sociales.
Participate in workshops, this allows you to learn something new every day and you can build relationships with other professionals in the area.


To have experience as a community manager, it is valid to start managing our own social networks, and / or blog, this will mainly allow us to understand their characteristics and operation and not least to start a portfolio.

It is also very useful to offer our knowledge to a friend or family member to start managing their business networks, it does not matter if it is a small enterprise, this will help us to enrich the training and present it as a professional experience in the future.

Once we have a project to manage, the next step will be to establish the guidelines to follow for managing the networks:
Strategy design

As Community Manager, the following will be to define a series of specific activities, which must be linked to the communication needs of the company to achieve its objectives in the digital environment; increase followers, increase brand visibility, position the business in a new social network, among others.

For this, it is necessary to study the activity of the Brother Cell Phone List company, its objectives, its target, its competition and the functioning of its digital environment if they already have it: social networks, blog, website, among others.

Once the strategy is created, a calendar should be made to organize dates, activities, contents and publication frequencies. For this purpose it is recommended to use the TweetDeck or Hootsuite applications.

The most important thing for a Community Manager is to maintain a solid presence in the digital environment, for this they must:

Update knowledge about the brand you work for and its positioning on the street and in the digital environment.
Know the characteristics of the user community with whom it interacts and the brand’s target audience.
Publish quality content on all brand platforms; social networks, web, blogs, with attractive content photography, graphic design, videos among others and it will do so with activities adapted to each platform.
Respond to users in an appropriate language and interact with them. In short, increase followers and know how to manage crisis.
Evaluate the result of your strategies based on the objectives that have been set.

There is no magic recipe, however, a good Community Manager will be highlighted if he contributes to generating value for the brand with the help of the digital tools available and constantly updating his knowledge. In my case, I have performed and continue to perform this service for various clients, and thanks to the correct planning I can be very happy with the results obtained.

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