Social Selling know what it is and how to practice

If we use google in the literal translation social selling means “social selling”. Basically it refers to the use of social networks to create and maintain relationships with the public. But mainly with your company’s buyer persona . However. The idea of this strategy is not just to build a list of possible customers for your business. But to create lasting relationships that allow you to identify the right time to talk about sales. It is a way for sales teams to use social media to connect with their potential customers and thus provide value to them. The idea is for vendors to be more active on the social networks that are relevant to their business and in this way start to monitor those users who are fit to be your company’s customers.

What is Social Selling

By being part of these buyer persona channels. Sellers will not only understand more of these potential customers. But they will also be able to deliver value over time. Whether it’s free content or a 15-minute conversation to understand more about the company. For example. However. One of the very important points that we need Uruguay Phone Number List to emphasize is that it is not enough to just make random posts and believe that salespeople will engage the public and be able to easily close a sale. According to studies conducted by the us company aberdeen group outperformed their sales peers. It is necessary to create a sales strategy. Linked to a digital marketing strategy that jointly join efforts to link the entire process and actually deliver value to the potential customer before attempting any type of commercial contact.

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Advantages of Social Selling

Advantages of social selling advantages of social selling you no longer need to make cold calls exponential rise in the number of sales no need to send emails other than directly to the decision maker or influencer sales cycle reduction increased brand reputation online inversion of business logic (the customer goes to the company) more List Provider human contact between seller and customers you now have 24 hours to prospect. As you will be connected to potential customers through social networks. How to fit it into the sales strategy? In a blog content about marketing and sales. We highlighted the need to make these two teams work together. This is probably the first step for social selling to be applied within the company.

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