Smartphones are already “more important” than toothbrushes

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Smartphones are already “more important” than toothbrushes

The mobile is already an indispensable element in our day to day. To the point that it occupies a preferential place in our scale of essential objects, equating to the Luxembourg Mobile Database car, and surpassing the coffee or the toothbrush.

The report presented by the Bank of America shows that 47% of the users surveyed would feel lost without their smartphone, without which they could not spend a single day. Luxembourg Mobile Database

Likewise, 60% rank it above coffee, in order of importance, while for 76%, their smartphone is more important than television.

For 91% of those surveyed, their smartphone is as important as the car, or intimate hygiene essentials, such as deodorant.

Among 18-24 year olds, their mobile device is more important than any personal hygiene product; for 90% it is over their deodorant, and for 93% their toothbrush.

One of the common uses of smartphones referred to in the report is to review bank accounts. According to their data, 62% of those surveyed use this device to access their bank details.

The Bank of America indicates that it already has more than 15 million active mobile banking users. Of these, 31% use their smart terminal to access their bank transactions at least once a day, while 82% carry out these operations on a weekly basis.

Despite the great online activity by these Brother Cell Phone List users, personal management in physical branches continues to be the preferred option for banking customers. Mobile devices are a way to improve the user experience, and offer useful information when and where users require it. A way to offer a permanent and effective service, 24/7.

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