You expose yourself to high volatility and the possibility of losing money on some really bad days. Conversely, if you spread your budget across several different campaigns, you can avoid this almost entirely. Sometimes ads can Norway WhatsApp Number List be very ineffective, and that’s how it is. But…if your 1 campaign is terrible and the other 4 are doing mediocre or better, you can still make money no matter what. 4. Continuous measurement and optimization It is the responsibility of the PPC management company to optimize the campaign for long-term success and adjust the necessary content until you get a great campaign.

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Almost every stage of your PPC campaign can be optimiz for better result. Test new target keywords to see how they perform compared to old keywords Test new ad variations including headlines, text, images and Norway WhatsApp Number List even responsive ads Test manual ads against Google-created ‘smart’ ads Test new display ad placements and audience targeting Test different bidding strategies such as target ROAS, target CPA and maximize conversion rates Test different landing pages, prioritizing headlines, visuals, and calls to action Set clear goals for your ads.

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Before you test all your ads like a crazy PPC scientist. It’s important that you have clear goals and a way to measure success. First , identify the metric you want to optimize. Whether it’s CTR, CPC or conversion rate. Second Norway WhatsApp Number List determine which aspect of your campaign and funnel you will be split. Are you planning to optimize your CTR for your Search Network ads?