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‘Which is better: working from home or working in the office?’ feels the same as the question: ‘Which is better: a kitchen or a bathroom?’ It depends on what you want to do. And the quality of the bathroom or kitchen. In working terms: having a charged, personal Cyprus WhatsApp Number List conversation with a lot of tension makes different demands than a team meeting for a final check on a document.

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A well-equipped, quiet home workspace is unlike the edge of a kitchen table, sharing the table with an eager toddler who crows with delight as the Teletubbies blare through that kitchen. The visionaries say we will never go to a traditional office again.

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The gloomy people sigh that in a few weeks we will again be plowing through traffic jams en masse to send an email to a colleague who is three meters away once we arrive at the office with dirty coffee. That’s the bathroom versus the kitchen. Fortunately, there is the book ‘ First aid at home ‘. A practical guide for employers and contractors in which Elke van Hoof takes a more nuanced look at the balance.

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