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Employees were trained to ask open Tunisia Phone Number questions to customers. Questions about who would use the phone, what the home situation was like, what people thought was important, etcetera. We briefly summarized everything to make sure we had the right information and then we Tunisia Phone Number could recommend the most suitable products. No choice from 35 different telephones, but very clearly two or three telephones that suited the customer. It is much easier for customers to choose from a selection of two or three phones than an entire range. In addition, we were also able to explain why we recommended these phones. We translated the Tunisia Phone Number specifications into benefits and features that were just discussed.

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In short; the customer had no Tunisia Phone Number choice stress, bought and felt confirmed in his purchase. Step-by-step plan for web shops The advisory function that physical retailers have is still missing in most web shops. Sure, there are filters you can use. But a filter usually works on Tunisia Phone Number specifications and a visitor is often not familiar with these specs. For example, if you want to buy an iron: how many grams of steam per minute do you want? Do you then select 35, 50 or 120 grams per minute in a filter? Such a filter is of no use to the average consumer at all. While, if we were to ask what type of ironing will be ironed with it, everyone can answer that question. And if the answer is ‘jeans’, then we can specifically recommend irons with Tunisia Phone Number sufficient steam production.

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Also read: Reap the Tunisia Phone Number [5 trends] The book discusses the following steps to develop a decision aid: 1. Listen The wishes of the visitor should be the starting point for a decision aid in web shops. Those wishes can vary quite a bit between product Tunisia Phone Number categories, so according to the authors it is good to start with a targeted audience for your first decision aid. For example, look at the product category with the lowest conversion rate. Determine the use cases that are relevant to this target group and product category. To do this, start a conversation with visitors, or ask a customer service representative what advice customers come up with. 2. Talk Asking the right questions (and answers!) in a Tunisia Phone Number decision aid is an art in itself.

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