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Scientists discover ‘the Cepheus spur’, a new region in the Milky Way

‘The Cepheus spur’ is a region of the Milky Way that has just been hong kong mobile number trace  discovered by a group of Spanish scientists, who have set out to draw the most detailed map that exists to date of massive blue stars in the galaxy. For astrophysicists the study of these celestial bodies , also known as  hong kong mobile number trace OB stars, is especially interesting because due to their ephemeral life, of a few million years, it allows them to understand that the Milky Way is a living galaxy , in which they are forming. new stars that do not have time  hong kong mobile number trace to move away from the spiral arms where they are born.

For this reason they are an important reference to be able to draw a map of these galactic structures. Due to this, the team led by researchers from the Center for Astrobiology (CAB, CSIC-INTA ) has focused on carrying out an exhaustive update of the ALS ( hong kong mobile number trace ) catalog , the largest that exists of massive OB stars in our galaxy. You may also like: SpaceX and Elon Musk get ready to launch Mexican nanosatellite VIDEO: NASA reveals spectacular images of auroras from the nightside of Jupiter Cepheus’ Spur Milky Way Fogo Andrew Seaman /Unsplashed. This map is so detailed that it allowed hong kong mobile number trace  the team of scientists to make one of the most surprising finds yet: a branch of Orion’s spiral arm , some 10,000 light-years long, extending outward. towards the arm of Perseus hong kong mobile number trace . The investigators baptized it like ‘ the spur of Cepheus  according to them,


it looks like a massive bridge of blue stars. hong kong mobile number trace  “We have thoroughly reviewed the original catalog , updating and systematizing it with modern data from Gaia (the telescope of the European Space Agency ) And although this was the purpose of the study, having such an up-to-date sample of stars led us to take a look to the data to see which aspects of our galactic environment list provider  were manifesting more clearly. And that’s where the surprise arose, ”said Michelangelo Pantaleoni González,  hong kong mobile number trace CAB researcher and lead author of the research, through the statement in which they made this finding known. You may also like: James Webb: The Largest Space Telescope to Orbit The study was published in the scientific journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (MNRAS) and has allowed them to draw, for the first time hong kong mobile number trace , the most detailed map of the spiral arms of the Milky Way.

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