Scientists create light waves capable of passing through opaque materials

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Scientists create light waves capable of passing through opaque materials

Until now it was difficult to imagine that light could pass through iceland mobile number example  objects, since when it hits an area, it tends to scatter and deflect to different sides . However, a group of scientists has just created light waves that can penetrate opaque materials with hardly any attenuation. iceland mobile number example  The team of researchers from TU Wien (Vienna) and the University of Utrecht (Netherlands) managed to identify that there is a type of light waves for which this dispersion principle does not apply and can pass through an object, practically, as if it were not there. The results of the study were published in the journal ‘Nature iceland mobile number example  Photonic ‘and iceland mobile number example  they open the door to find new applications in medicine or to examine the interior of different objects. You may also like: SpaceX and Elon Musk get ready to launch Mexican nanosatellite

reveals spectacular images of auroras from the nightside of Jupiter light waves iceland mobile number example  Tyler Lastovich/Unsplash. To understand it better: in cloudy water, light waves tend to scatter everywhere, so it is not possible to see well through it. This is due to the effect of photons colliding with atoms on the surface.  iceland mobile number example “Each of these light wave patterns change and deviate in specific ways when sent through a disordered medium ,  iceland mobile number example ” explained Professor Stefan Rotter from the TU Wien Institute for Theoretical Physics, through arelease. However, he and his team of scientists managed to create a beam of light that, when colliding with an opaque material, is able to retain its original halo. To do this, they used a layer of zinc oxide dust, which allowed them to calculate how wave dispersion acts on that material. Light waves dispersion Photo iceland mobile number example .


Dameli Zhantas  iceland mobile number example / Unplash. “As we were able to show (list provider ) there are so-called invariant scattering light modes , which produce exactly the same wave pattern in the detector, regardless of whether the light wave was only sent through the air or if it had to penetrate the complicated zinc oxide layer , ”Rotter explained. This discovery allows exploring new possibilities of iceland mobile number example  using light patterns that penetrate objects, which could be used in image processing and create a kind of X – ray . You may also like: Scientists discover ‘the Cepheus spur’, a new region in the Milky Way light waves dispersion Foto: Casey Horner/Unsplash. Another interesting application of these light waves, according to those involved in the  iceland mobile number example project, is to conduct biological experiments where it is necessary to introduce light at specific points in order to observe the interior of the cells.

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