Rooms for rent: cast shares details of their third season

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Rooms for rent: cast shares details of their third season

The laughs return: the third season of ‘Se rental indian phone number list  quarters’ , the Mexican sitcom , is preparing for its great premiere with incredible surprises, among which are guests and the addition of new characters that will bring guaranteed moments of fun. After two successful seasons as the most watched in Comedy Central, the series takes up its ingenuity to return this coming April 14 with the news that a day later it will also be available in the Paramount indian phone number list  catalog with a new chapter every week. For those who have not yet been captivated by the sitcom, ‘Rooms for Rent’ follows the story of a wealthy family that ends up bankrupt, for which they have to start a new life in the only property they have left ; upon arrival they realize that it is located in one of the most popular neighborhoods in Mexico City. You can also read: Gael García will expose the country’s climate crisis in a web series Oscar indian phone number list : Release dates in Mexico of the nominees for Best Film Not only that, upon arrival they also discover that there are already some tenants in it, which starts a class struggle where the family will have to learn from the situation.

To know the details of the production, part of the cast made up of Itatí Cantoral indian phone number list , Armando Hernández, María Chacón, Paco Rueda, Yare Santana, Irving Peña and the new additions, Regina Orozco and Alejandra Ley, held a press conference via Zoom to share what audiences can expect in the new ten chapters indian phone number list . Rooms are rented Regina Orozco joins the cast to play ‘Mamalucha’. Photo: Courtesy. In the case of the actresses Regina Orozco and Alejandra Ley , they arrive at ‘They rent rooms’ as a loving couple indian phone number list , where one of them is joined by a family tie with one of the protagonists . His arrival at the house will cause entanglements between the characters. “From the first chapter it gets really cool because it’s war and rivalry, since there is another person who is fighting the house, there is the conflict, then they become friends and there is a very particular indian phone number list  closeness with the character of Megan (Alejandra Ley). This season becomes a treat, the comedy is better. In my opinion, the third is much better, the script is wonderful, I just laughed at reading it ” Itatí Cantoral shared his participation in the new season.


You can’t miss: Netflix will remove productions from its catalog in April Tait Cantorial indian phone number list  Rooms are rented Itatí Cantoral returns with her role as Graciela de la Garza Garza with new comic situations list provider that will steal laughter. Photo: Courtesy Comedy Central. Special guests As part of the new in ‘Rooms for rent’ , those involved also shared that this season will have special guests who will add a positive effect on the comic formula that they have consolidated.  indian phone number list Among them we will be able to see characters such as Carmen Salinas, Lolita Ayala, ACZINO, Caludio Yarto, Carlos Benavides and, after almost twenty years, there will be a meeting of part of the cast of ‘Amar te hule’ with Ximena Sariñana, Luis Fernando Peña and Armando Hernández , without a doubt this latest news will be applauded by those who saw the film indian phone number list .

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