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The celebrated and famous coach Tony Robbins, who gives seminars and conferences all over the world, considers neuro-linguistic programming as “the nuclear physics of the mind” or a technique that allows breaking down behaviors in order to change them. The goal is to modify the connections your brain makes so you can think and act more effectively. All the thoughts and actions that you want to reform or, better said, reprogram, can be worked through NLP so that you reach the goal you want. In this sense, NLP is widely used in the areas of communication and marketing, as we will tell you below.

This discipline was born in the 1970s, in California, United States, by a linguist, John Grinder, and a mathematician and Gestalt therapist, Richard Bandler, together with a group of students. All of them tried to understand and model human communication. It was the time of the Vietnam War, there was a climate of social upheaval and it was necessary to be able to communicate efficiently. Since neurolinguistics understands that human experience is subjective, these techniques can be applied in different areas such as education, medicine, psychology, economics, marketing and sales. NLP establishes that what each one does is conditioned by the way in which they communicate with themselves, with the unconscious.

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Grinder and Bandler took from Perls and France Phone Number the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtotality and the resolution of pending issues, from Satir what are call perceptual positions, from Erickson trance and the possibility of healing with hypnosis. However, what they did was develop their own techniques in which the mind, language and body are related, that is, neurolinguistic programming. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF NLP? NLP improves communication in all links and also with oneself. It also provides detail knowledge of the aptitudes, behaviors and emotions that each person has. The interpretation of what happens and what you live depends on the context in which you are immerse, your values, beliefs, life experience and state of mind.

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NLP provides more empathy as the basis of all communication, promotes flexibility and the development of learning capacity. The main premise of the speech therapist is to rehabilitate, as far as possible. The altered functions and, with the help of the preserved ones. Provide the patient with strategies for using their abilities. Trying to make them learn to combine them in a useful and functional way with a view to managing. And interaction of these during the performance of daily life activities.

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The goals of a speech therapist are very different depending on the patient’s difficulties. From teaching a teacher to breathe and speak correctly to prevent damage to their vocal cords. To helping a child pronounce the phoneme. To teaching a person with brain damage to swallow. Or from helping a person with aphasia cope with communication problems to getting. A deaf child to recognize and classify sounds, etc. Below we present the main deficits that can be treat speech therapy as a result of an. Acquired brain injury and that will always be treat from a multidisciplinary approach. Supporting language therapy with the rehabilitation of the patient in each of the different areas of cognitive rehabilitation.

Aphasia: It is an acquired language disorder, both in its expressive and comprehensive aspects. Which appears as a result of a brain injury in a person who had already developed linguistic function. Anomie: Language disorder that reduces oral expression. Difficulty accessing the lexicon, or naming things by name. Similar to the feeling of “constantly having the word on the tip of the tongue.” Alexia. Partial or total loss of previously acquired reading ability resulting from brain injury. Agraphia. Loss or alteration of the ability to produce written language, due to an acquired brain injury.

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