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Of creating an inclusive community of acceptance and belonging and helping each person to be the best and most authentic version of themselves. To launch the initiative, reebok has collaborated with activist lazarus lynch to create a short film. Richie shazam, maxwell pearce, mizzko, broderick hunter and amrit also participate in it, in Uae phone number to lynch himself. Reebok gave lynch free rein in creating the film in collaboration with his production team. Part of the reason behind the collective is to give queer creators a platform to talk about the topics they are most passionate about. Brand strategy and brand advocacy

The alternative to the sometimes ambiguous use of “traditional influencers” could be to use “best customers” and genuine influencers as brand ambassadors to amplify content in the way that macro-influencers should, but while maintaining authenticity. . Real customers whose values ​​align with those of the brand guarantee a Uae phone number genuine connection with consumers: with true passion, enthusiasm, commitment to the recommendation. Voxfeed influencer marketing platform potential customers can identify with genuine influencers through shared experiences. The reach may not be as high as traditional macro-influencers, but the goal is not to get the products in front of as many.

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Customers as possible, but to build strong and meaningful relationships with the best consumers and generate word of mouth marketing. Mouth. The role of voxfeed consumers are increasingly immune to advertising, especially Uae phone number it is forced into their feeds by macro-influencers who have no genuine interest in the brand. As a result, we rely more on the authentic opinions of our friends, family, colleagues, brand ambassadors, and everyday people when it comes to product selection and value. For brands, authentic influencer marketing can be used to build trusted, long-lasting, and engaging relationships with consumers, but this should be done on the basis of promotion.

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Not endorsement. Voxfeed is the technology that enables you. To empower your loyal customers and fans to create. And share authentic content so you can build your brand strategy. Very often they ask me what I do for a living Uae phone number the truth. Is that I have never liked to define myself as one thing. Because I feel limited, I like to always learn new things and keep myself in continuous learning. Photo by mayra carreño four years ago I finished my degree in design. And fashion business in monterrey and I first chose this degree because I always had constant. Inspiration from my family to develop. My personal style, without the need to always be.

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Fashionable or wear the latest season things. From a very young age my family moved to acapulco. A small city where access to fashion was not exactly. The most accessible, limiting you to buying where everyone else bought. So I grew up wearing clothes from my grandmother, my mom and my. Dad and modifying until I feel that the Uae phone number were personalized just for me. It became one of my greatest passions to search in little. Corners of used or vintage clothes for unique garments. To incorporate into my closet, to the point that I couldn’t see myself doing anything other than getting. Involved in the world of fashion as a profession. Once in college.

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