Reasons to have a blog on a corporate website

The blog is undoubtedly one of the strategies most used by digital marketing experts to improve the positioning of a web page. In today’s article I would like to tell you about the advantages and reasons for having a blog on a corporate website, as long as we work on it constantly.
Fun facts about blogging

Before talking about the reasons for having a blog, I would like to share with you a series of data, obtained from Hubspot , related to this topic:

Companies that have a blog generate 55% of visits to their website than those that lack it.
The 60% of users have a positive Cayman-Islands Mobile Database opinion about a brand after reading an article on his blog.
E-commerce that write an article on their blog at least twice a month generate 70% more sales than those that do not have a blog.

As you can see, investing in the development of a blog gives very interesting results. Next, I am going to indicate a series of reasons why it is interesting that you have a blog on your corporate page
Reasons to blog

Increase in notoriety: Having a blog and writing interesting articles about the company’s sector will help you strengthen the company’s online reputation. For this it is important that the content shared is of quality and relevant.
Create community: by always writing about the same topics, it is quite likely that users will access it repeatedly, in search of new articles. In addition, it will be possible for them to put comments on all your articles, making it possible to start a conversation with a potential client.Cayman-Islands Mobile Database
Trust: the objective of a blog should not be to sell or to talk about the advantages of your company, but forget that it works for you. If you share quality content, sales or conversions will come hand in hand, since users will associate that you are an expert in the field.
Increase in traffic: the more articles you have positioned, the more entrance doors to your website there will be. As I indicated at the beginning of the article, websites with a built-in blog have a higher percentage of traffic than those without it.
Secondary keyword positioning: any positioning strategy is composed of a series of main keywords, the web pages will be optimized for this, and secondary keywords, which must be worked on in blog articles.
Well seen in the eyes of Google: constant activity is something very well seen in the eyes of Google. Adding quality content every month will make Google bots visit you periodically, and that will help your positioning.
Customer service: many companies write articles to solve the main questions of their customers. Imagine that a customer has a problem with a product of yours and that when he searches for the solution in Google you get the first result, don’t you think that speaks very well of you?
Informative: this is the perfect place to share your company’s news. From new services and products, to the latest company events.
Get ahead of the competition: Differentiation has always been very important. Therefore, if your competition does not have a blog, you can show a better image about users. If you have one, what do you expect to write more interesting and comprehensive articles?

What are you waiting for then?

Nowadays having a blog is simpler than ever , and it is that all current CMSs have the option of adding a blog quickly and easily. It is important to have a calendar of publications and topics , so as not to always talk about the same topics.

I trust that this article on the reasons for having a blog will help you make the decision to bet on this content marketing strategy . In my case, I have a personal blog, the Brother Cell Phone List one you are reading, where I publish twice a month, while in the blog of my marketing agency, Digitalvar, I publish once a month.

Cheer up! You already know enough reasons to have a blog, don’t delay the inevitable and get ready to write non-stop!

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