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Real Iron Man? Scientists create a suit that increases human strength

It looks like a movie but no, it isn’t. Scientists at Harvard University have created a suit to carry heavy loads effortlessly. It is an exoskeleton that gives the user support and strength to increase their natural strength. Here we will show you, with video and everything, how thisĀ Belize Mobile Number Database interesting invention works. Soft Exosuit” is the name of this invention that promises to give humans supernatural strength, all thanks to the power of science.

This suit was designed by the Wyss Institute of the prestigious Harvard University and was funded by the United States government. The defense department has wanted to help develop this invention so that it can be applied to its soldiers, who have to lift very heavy material daily. This invention could give way to a new generation of Robot Soldiers, without a doubt the Exosuit would serve in a great way to be able to give greater agility and resistance to the North American soldiers.

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This suit only weighs 7.5 kilograms, discounting the air tanks that power the Phone Number List muscles, however it gives the user a much higher efficiency compared to a ‘normal’ human. Specialists hope that soon more of these devices can be generated, increasingly accessible and safe, in the near future, they can be effectively implemented in military tasks, as well as in other trades and in people with mobility problems.

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