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You should probably create a new view within google analytics that excludes them so you can see the difference between the internal and external audience data sets. If you don’t know if your traffic is being filtered. Head to your view settings again and click filters. This is what you don’t want to see. Employee-traffic-google-analytics if this is what your filter menu looks like. Gather the ip addresses for all the employees. Offices. Or vendors using your site and hit “add filter.” once you do that.

These engagement audiences can give you a lot of insight into how long your sales cycle actually is. Additionally. These buckets can look differently based on your business goals. The example above is probably best suited for quick purchases. Like for an e-commerce company. Where staying top-of-mind is the key to purchasing. A b2b company with a longer sales cycle might choose to bucket their engaged users into 30. 60. 14. And 30 days. The great part is. There isn’t much work to do to get these set up.

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Internal employee traffic and referrals only artificially inflate your numbers and skew audience location demographics — sometimes significantly. If you do care about internal traffic. These audiences are already Canadian CTO CIO Email Lists included in google analytics. They just need to be turned on. Good job. Google. Your employees don’t matter just kidding. Obviously. Employee traffic to your website is something you need to filter out of your google analytics data.

Canadian CTO CIO Email Lists

This what you’ll see. Google-analytics-traffic-filter here. Just paste in the ip address you want to filter out. If you are in an office with multiple routers. You can change “That are equal to” to “that begin with.” Then you can just add the first three sets of digits of the ip. Address and not have to create dozens and dozens of filters. Now it’s time to brainstorm woohoo! That means it’s time to pat yourself on the back.

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You’ve just unlocked the full potential that google analytics has to offer. Sit down with your team and talk about the data you really want to see. With google. Analytics you are given up to 20 views for free. Each of these views can have different sets of filters. Audiences. And goals. Want to look at what people in california are doing on your site? Set up a filter to only include traffic from california. And presto! Interested in how your blog subdomain is performing compared to your main site?

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