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Just think of working from home, distance Nepal Phone Number learning, online shopping or video calling. Corona has given the digitization of society a major push. But due to the prevailing lack of understanding, this has also resulted in undesirable consequences, such as cybercrime, spreading fake news, organizing riots, privacy violations or the exclusion of certain groups. At the same time, digital possibilities have been applied poorly or to a limited extent. As a result, certain Nepal Phone Number things did not go well, such as processing test results or vaccinations.  Such a controlled approach to reopening society will only become more important. We will be dealing with viruses and their many Nepal Phone Number mutations for years to come. If we do not adapt to this, the social and economic damage will be uncontrollable.

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Politicians must have a clear vision Nepal Phone Number on digitization Against this background, I’ve been looking at a number of election manifestos and trying to judge them on their vision of a future with digitization. I was terrified. Virtually no party has a vision of how we can deal with digitization in the future . Take the developments surrounding the corona pandemic, or one of the Nepal Phone Number other viruses, as an example.  The big question is whether the government is learning enough from this pandemic and from the possibilities of digitization to combat the economic and social consequences of subsequent pandemics in a more Nepal Phone Number nuanced and less harmful way.

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Corona sucks all the attention. Elections and corona. Will corona affect the vote amount? Having said all this, I also wonder whether a predominant theme like corona will influence voting behavior. There are more and more voices from society expressing dissatisfaction with a government that for far too long was afraid to make trade-offs between Nepal Phone Number factors other than just the number of infections.

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