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Practice your worst face, it can be your new password

With the idea of ​​making user identification more secure on Android devices, Google is processing a patent that will allow it to use the Honduras Cell Phone Numbers List gestures of each user as a password. Obviously, a certain gesture is more difficult to replicate than a traditional photo.

According to the British site V3, the document has already been submitted to the United States Patent Office and describes the system in which a device will have the ability to detect and recognize facial patterns and follow various movements in a series of images. The system will be able to follow the movement of a certain part of the face by “receiving the first and second images of the user’s face, where one or both images have been guaranteed by the recognition of the fit”.

Honduras Phone Number List

According to the information, in practice, the system will be able to process the movements of parts such as the eyes or the mouth and use them as entry gestures. The system will be based on the possible input methods for Android devices. In addition to the touch screen interface and a traditional keyboard, the platform also allows users to perform certain tasks through voice commands in Google Now. These controls could also be leveraged by other developers to add gesture control to their applications and games.

Google has pointed out in its presentation that, along with gesture recognition and control, the technology could also be applied to ensure authenticity by comparing facial features of various users. Google is the Phone Number List first company to use this type of technology. Samsung has already used optical control for its Galaxy platform. Technology is definitely unstoppable.

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