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When it reaches a certain level, it’s difficult to resell. Even if you donate your clothes, it doesn’t always mean they’ll be taken care of. Sometimes it can be left unfortunate. Another reason is that K.Ge and Khun Golf’s family are already in the textile. Business and therefore have understanding and expertise in this area. Khun Kate’s family runs a printing factory. and Khun Golf’s family runs a sewing factory. For these reasons together, Khun Gade and Khun Golf decide to establish the. Loopers business. The heart of this business is ‘Extending the life of clothes as. Long as possible’ is exactly the meaning of the word Loop, which means bringing clothes to loop continuously.

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Challenges of doing second-hand clothing trading business in Thailand Running a second hand clothing business in Thailand is not that easy. Because Thai people still have a bad view of second-hand clothes, for example, some people are not sure if some shirts Bulgaria Phone Number belong to people who have die or not. because in Thailand there is a matter of belief after death while abroad, dealing in second-hand clothes than in Thailand People weren’t too worrie about this belief. But this problem is gradually getting better because Loopers has produce content to promote knowlege for Thai people to understand and open their minds to buying use clothes.

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In addition Loopers has a process that makes customers feel most comfortable. To clearly identify which clothes are from, for example, include the name of the former owner’s Instagram account. Sometimes the former owner puts a post-it message with a cute message attache to the clothes, such as, “Wear this shirt and someone will flirt with you every time.” Any List Provider customer and preferences will follow clothes from a particular forwarder. because they have a similar style of dressing In terms of marketing, Loopers has put in place a very interesting content marketing strategy, especially the real-time content creation on multiple occasions.

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