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While Tourism (71%), Travel (70%), Hospitality (64%), Real Estate (60%) and Automotive (55%), it will take more than 12 months. Big time for digital marketing Marketing Digital Home-driven Will this situation bring benefits to digital marketing? The aforementione study shows that it is. In fact, it is the sector that will receive the most investment in the coming months. They indicate that digital commerce (50%), which goes beyond an ecommerce page and will have an impact on: the process prior to the sale, the transaction and the post-sale, whether online or in a physical store.

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Likewise, social networks (50%), Content Marketing (48%) and CRM (47%) will have a good level of investment concentration for professionals in the sector. All this growth in these areas will be the right environment to develop the ideal India Phone Number List home-driven marketing for your brand. However, not everyone will do so well. Marketing professionals believe that in other areas there will be a decrease in investment or worse yet, they will not invest. Those affecte will be Influencer Marketing (60.8%) and Programmatic (41.2%). Digital Commerce Another that will exploit its full potential is digital commerce.

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But this will have its priorities. This ranking is heade by the development of Performance strategies and optimization of digital channels to generate traffic (52%). Followe by Customer Service and the creation of a unique customer experience through List Provider the different points of contact (45%). In addition to Logistics (44%), CRO (42%) and Cybersecurity (40%) will also have growth. All these areas will work with greater intensity in a few months. There is a very important factor to carry out the execution of these strategies for brands. Nothing more and nothing less than consumer confidence, 71% of those surveye in the I Barometer study consider that it will recover before the end of October.

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