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Does your website offer original and valuable content that goes beyond copy? Are the meta titles and descriptions attractive and designe to match the content? As a webmaster, would you share this content with friends? Experience: Is the content trustworthy? Does the page contain errors? As a webmaster coming to the site through Google, would you trust yourself? Presentation and production: Does the content you offer look well researche and produce or does it look more like mass production? Are there too many ads? Does the site load beautifully on all devices.

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Competitive Comparison: Does your website offer add value compare to other competitors? Does the content meet user expectations? The webmasters on your team may be able to get a first impression by answering these questions and taking Afghanistan Phone Number List an honest look at your own website. You can compare it to your competitors, especially regarding the value of the content you offer to your audiences. The Google Core Update Challenge As always, Google goes one step further to better understand what users are looking for . In addition, also determining what is most relevant to them.

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This is quite pertinent especially for smaller websites. Now, if you have been affect by the most recent Google Core Update, we give you these tips so that you can improve your SEO positioning again : 1.- Read carefully the quality guidelines List Provider of Google evaluators Look at each of the examples given to see if the things note as a sign of high or low quality might apply to your site as well. This way, you will have a broader idea of ​​how to improve it. 2.- Do the same with the Google blog post about major updates Pay close attention to the points they share on Google to help you determine if the content is of high quality.

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