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If you see an ad too often that Portugal Phone Number you can’t skip, irritation can arise, which you want to avoid. Postings to YouTube videos When the strategy, target groups and type of video ad are clear, you can start focusing on the placements. You can of course choose to show your ads for any type of YouTube video, but often that is not always wise. Let’s start with a big problem that you Portugal Phone Number as an advertiser have to deal with: children. It is not legal to target children. That makes a lot of sense, but it’s also not possible to exclude them. Suppose you, as a car dealer, want to promote your latest car, then it does not make much sense to show Portugal Phone Number children under the age of 18 your ad. However, there is no checkmark to turn this off.

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If you want to tackle this Portugal Phone Number anyway, work with a so-called blacklist . This is a list of YouTube channels that you can create yourself. Link this list to your campaign and voila, your ads will no longer be delivered there. If you don’t do this, your ads will be delivered while a 5-year-old will watch a video from Channel Kids HD, for example. Take an hour every week to rule out Portugal Phone Number placements and you’ll find that you have a whole list. I myself am not a fan of music streams, but opinions differ on this. Often these are long playlists or one Portugal Phone Number music. At that moment, people are not on YouTube at all, but have this up while studying or working.

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Make up Portugal Phone Number it! If you do not want this, then manually exclude these videos by means of a blacklist or use ‘topics’ to remove these types of videos. Advertise You tube topic exclude music If you want more control over your placements or if you Portugal Phone Number don’t have time to exclude those placements every week, you can also work with a whitelist . This is a list of selected channels where you do want to be visible. Sounds interesting right? You can also customize Portugal Phone Number your inventory type.

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