Oscar 2021: Reasons why it will be a historic ceremony

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Oscar 2021: Reasons why it will be a historic ceremony

The next installment of the Oscars will be historic greece phone number  . After changing its celebration date due to the consequences of the Covid pandemic , the most important ceremony in the film industry is ready to take place on greece phone number  from the city of Los Angeles, in the United States. The ravages of the pandemic also affected this traditional awards ceremony. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences had to reinvent itself to achieve the greece phone number edition of the awards; from the selection of the tapes – by modifying your rules to select them – to the way the event will unfold without an audience . Despite this, the next Oscars are expected to be marked for posterity greece phone number .

The 2021 edition brings great surprises from its nominees, where racial diversity is present in all categories . greece phone number  Not only that , it appears that female power will prevail in major categories like Best Picture and Best Director – , with two nominees that sound hard to get recognition. You can also greece phone number  Mexicans nominated for an Oscar for their participation in ‘Sound of metal’ Where to see the documentaries nominated for the Oscar greece phone number  Best film premiere cinema This year the directors of ‘Promising young woman’ and ‘Nomadland’ also share their Best Director nomination. Photo: Courtesy. Change of formate Producers Steven Soderbergh, Stacey Sher and Jesse Collins have already released some details of what the 2021 edition of the Oscar will be like .

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Among these details is the idea of ​​changing the format, which they say will be as if viewers were watching a  greece phone number movie instead of a television program. Over the years we have seen how the ceremony has made important changes in its edition. Sometimes favorable, sometimes not: the truth is that this year it will have to overcome the adversities of the restrictions  list provider that come with the still prevailing presence of the pandemic. greece phone number  Release dates in Mexico of the nominees for Best Film No audience and multiple stages This year – as previously announced – there will be no public present . Attendees will be a select group made up of nominees and special guests to attack preventive measures. Another important change is that this time they will not be performed at the famous Dolby  greece phone number Theater as in previous years. For this occasion, the Oscars will be held in different locations , including Union Station , the old Los Angeles train station, an ideal outdoor place for the event.

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