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Opportunities for agencies and publishers In addition, there are great opportunities for agencies Cayman Islands Phone Number and publishers to play a greater role in matching advertiser datasets. This allows advertisers to see which customers they can reach through which channels, exclude existing customers and/or target look-a-likes. And of course publishers can also – just like Google and Facebook – infer interests, intentions and other behaviors on the basis of search, reading, listening and viewing Cayman Islands Phone Number behavior on their platforms.

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Which parties can we do business with in the Netherlands? In fact, there are only a few parties in the Netherlands that now offer advertisers a sustainable and Cayman Islands Phone Number scalable product. Many publishers have the potential to play a role, but in addition to the parties that have come a long way in this, such as Google, Facebook and DPG (DataLab), this is still in full development. As an advertiser, do you want to link first party data with publishers and activate it, so that you Cayman Islands Phone Number can target ads to these groups?

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Then you can contact these publishers Cayman Islands Phone Number themselves. Or they can have this done by parties such as digital Audience and EDM. When in doubt, media agencies and specialized independent consultants such as Silver Labs , Reynolds and Onbrdng can provide good advice. Find a party that has knowledge of behavioral sciences , data and tech. How do you handle customer data sharing? But then, why would you Cayman Islands Phone Number just share your customer data with another party? By sharing your customer data, you make the publisher and/or the. Onboarding party a lot wiser, despite the conclusion of the required processing agreement. How should you deal with this?

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