Of good ideas, and enjoy a better reading experience. Support now What we want you to know is

Of good ideas, and enjoy a better reading experience. Support now What we want you to know is “International gale | action lecture” ep3 uses guest liao yunjie’s experience in traveling to and from more than 40 countries to break down the actual crises that refugees may encounter, such as material, social, legal, and even spiritual, and to understand the comprehensive and delicate situation of world vision through rescue cases. Ministry action. The third episode of the live program “International gale | action lecture” co-hosted by li hanwei and cai shanghua was broadcast on june 30. This episode invites transnational freelance journalist liao yunjie for an in-depth conversation.

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In the process, we Nigeria phone number will also learn about those refugees who often accompany them. How to use a professional ministry model to accompany the people who have endured hardships on the long road back to normal. “A story that seems far away is not as .Far away as it seems. Regardless of status, anyone can become .A refugee in the next moment due to natural .Or man-made disasters – that’s why we need to understand. And help each other.” staring at the real: the global situation of refugees .And the plight of children do you know? Every year on june 20, the united nations sets .The “World refugee day” to commemorate refugees around the world. Hoping to draw people’s. Attention to the refugee issue and recognize and respect .The contributions and sacrifices refugees have made to society.

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Russian-ukrainian war, and on the other hand, it is the result of regional conflicts that have never ended. Slide 1 photo credit: tnl brand studio among them. The syrian civil war has been going on for more. Than ten years since it began in 2011. The number of children in urgent. Need of help due to the continuous war has been increasing. But the international focus and resource injection. Have gradually faded away. According to a statement released. By unicef on may 8 this year, there are 6.5 million refugee. Children in syria alone.

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