New version of Google Glass for dogs

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New version of Google Glass for dogs

Detecting and classifying explosive devices, along with rescuing people, will be some of the tasks that FIDO helps to achieve. When there is still no set date for the Indonesia Mobile Number Database release of Google Glass , information released by Google indicates that the company is working intensively with the University of Georgia Institute of Technology in order to carry out a Google Glass canine .

According to the site, Technology Review which was the first to disseminate the information, there would be at least three researchers from the university – Melody Jackson, Thad Starner and the scientist Clint Zeagler – working on the development of a unique device for dogs that must perform particular tasks. and above all, dangerous, as is the case with police dogs, for example.

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The device is recently being tested on animals, but according to Professor Jackson, the system called FIDO (“facilitating interactions for dogs with occupations”) will be designed to establish better communication with the human – a person with a disability or a policeman, for example – by activating his vest or collar, to transmit a verbal command that the person can hear through an ear device or see on a screen on the head.

According to the researchers, the dogs they are working with have learned in record time to activate the sensor inside a vest. The first samples and advances of this research will be made public at the ISWC that will take place in September in Switzerland. With regard to the difficulties of the device, the duration of the batteries and the durability would be the most important, considering that dogs “do not take care” of things. These are sure to be “hairs on the tail” if the goal is achieved.

Detecting and classifying Phone Number List explosive devices, along with rescuing people will be some of the tasks that FIDO helps to achieve or at least that is what is expected. Probably, when the time comes to present the device, Google will have us more than one surprise.

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