New CEO for European oil company

Royal Dutch Shell, a very important oil company in Europe, has appointed the 55-year-old Dutch executive Van Beurden, as theĀ South Korea Mobile Number Database new CEO, who has been in charge of Royal Dutch Shell’s refining and marketing business since January 2013 Mexico DF; Royal Dutch Shell , a very important oil company in Europe, has appointed the 55-year-old Dutch executive Van Beurden as the new CEO, who since January 2013 has been managing the refining and marketing business of Royal Dutch Shell , a company under which he joined in 1983 and in which he has held various positions in the company, in addition to working in the Netherlands, Africa, Malaysia, the United States and mainly in the United Kingdom.

The reality is that the oil company had other candidates, including the president of finance, Simon Henry, and the other division heads: Marvin Odum, Matthias Bichseland and Andrew Brown. However, one analyst described Van Beurden as a “solid Shell man.”

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Beurden has worked for the Anglo-Dutch company for 30 years. His most important achievement is cleaning up Shell’s chemicals business, a candidate for closure when he took over in 2006. The president of the oil company, Jorma Ollila, expressed his satisfaction with the appointment of Ben Van Beurden, who highlighted his “deep knowledge of the industry, as well as his proven experience.”

According to a study, US projects that Phone Number List have consumed almost half of the company’s investments in the last five years are offering an ROE of less than 1% due to high costs and falling prices. Van Beurden could gain traction by stating that he is prepared to downsize the company rather than let it continue to grow so unprofitable.

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