Netflix announces ‘The house of flowers, the movie’ and other productions for 2021

The house  how do i call a mobile in greece of flowers will be back. Netflix surprised with the announcement of the next Mexican original productions that will reach the catalog in the coming months , including a film that is derived from the successful Manolo Caro series. Mexico is an important market for the streaming company. The relationship was consolidated after ‘Club de Cuervo’s how do i call a mobile in greece ‘, the first international original series, and since then major productions have arrived with resounding success.

These are all the premieres that will arrive on Netflix during May how do i call a mobile in greece  The House of Flowers Netflix Fotos: Netflix Series, reality TV movies and more. Netflix is ​​prepared to surprise local subscribers with productions that can easily be exported to other countries where the company has a presence. Among the titles that will arrive is the Mexican version of ‘Playing with fire how do i call a mobile in greece War of neighbors’, ‘Tragic jungle’, the second season of ‘Who killed Sara ?,’ Control Z ‘ and the second part of ‘ Selena: the series’; ‘Alan Saldaña: ​​imprisoned’, ‘Private network Who killed Manuel Benda how do i call a mobile in greece ‘Everything will be fine’, ‘The divine guide’, ‘Las Juanas’ , and The house of flowers , among others.

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Do not miss: ‘Shang- how do i call a mobile in greece Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings’ shows mind-blowing trailer Netflix will also receive films that have already started their way in important festivals such as ‘A police film’ by director Alonso Ruizpalacios with which he competed for the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival. Without a doubt, the biggest list provider surprise is the return of the how do i call a mobile in greece  De la Mora family. After its third season, The House of Flowers will arrive in the form of a film, so we will see the funny characters that will characterize the production in a new adventure.  how do i call a mobile in greece  Movies available on Netflix for those looking for something different As the months progress, the official premiere dates of these original Mexican productions that will invade your next days of marathons will be known. Are you ready ?

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