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must-see Netflix original productions that win the Oscar

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must-see Netflix original productions that win the Oscar

Netflix prevailed at the Oscars germany phone number free . The streaming company managed to obtain seven statuettes thanks to five of its nominated original productions, which you cannot pass up now that they have this important distinction from the Academy . Over the last few years, Netflix has shown that it is a company committed to quality productions. His nominations, as well as his Oscar victories, endorse it. This year five productions , including films, documentaries and short films, were victorious germany phone number free  . So that you do not lose track of them , below we show you the titles that won one, or more Oscars, in the different categories in which they were nominated. Don’t let them pass you by  check out the moving and heartwarming stories available on Netflix. In trend: Zendaya impresses at the Oscars wearing $ 6 million diamonds Mank Monk germany phone number free  Golden Globes Netflix Photo Courtesy Netflix.

It was the most nominated film of the night in ten different categories, of which it only managed to obtain Best Cinematography and Best Production Design . ‘Mink’ is a tribute to germany phone number free  Hollywood through the eyes of screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz when he wrote ‘Citizen Kane’. If something happens to me, I love them Oscar germany phone number free  Courtesy. Winner in the category for Best Animated Short Film , this production shudders for its plot. In the wake of the tragedy, two grieving parents go through an emotional void as they mourn the loss of a child. Heartwarming and raw : that’s the intense short minutes of the animated short film by directors Will McCormack and Michael Gooier. My teacher the octopus Netflix Oscar Photo: Courtesy Netflix. Again monopolizing this category, germany phone number free  Netflix takes another Oscar for Best Documentary.

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With a positive message resulting from an unusual friendship, the film shows the relationship between Craig Foster and an octopus that lives in a seaweed forest and teaches him the mysteries of his underwater world. germany phone number free  OrgulloMexicano: Sound of Metal makes the difference with Oscar for Best Sound This is how the red carpet returned to the Oscars ceremony Two complete strangers Oscar Netflix Photo: Courtesy Netflix. This short winner of the Oscar for Best Fiction Short Film immerses us in the story of a man who tries to return home, but is trapped in a time loop that forces him to live a deadly encounter over and over again. The mother of blues Netflix Oscar list provider  Courtesy Netflix. Two Oscars were awarded to this Netflix germany phone number free  original production in the categories of Best Makeup and Hairstyle and Best Costume Design. The film starring Viola Davis is a production that highlights the most emotional moments of the legend of blues, Ma Rainey. Although she garnered more nominations, Academy voters highlighted her reenactment of the time through the finest details of costume and hairstyle.

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