Mortal Kombat: These are the characters that will duel in the film

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Mortal Kombat: These are the characters that will duel in the film

Everything is ready for the most anticipated combat in cinema with the premiere of ‘Mortal Kombat’ . The film inspired by the popular video game franchise will hit theaters in our country this hong kong mobile company  , and before this happens, you must meet the characters who will star in it. The official trailer has made it clear to us that the fights will be surprising, so we are sure that they will leave us speechless when the characters use fatalities and techniques from martial arts. Although some of the iconic characters of the video game will be present, the  hong kong mobile company new ‘Mortal Kombat’ film will also introduce others that will reinforce the plot of the film.

It is time to learn more about them, their powers, abilities and who is behind their interpretation . The film brings together an international cast like few others. hong kong mobile company Craig Zobel unravels the secrets of ‘Mare of Easttown’ ahead of premiere These are the characters that ‘Mortal Kombat’ will bring for a spectacular event on the screens: Cole Young Mortal Kombat hong kong mobile company  Courtesy Warner Bros. Portrayed by Lewis Tan , he is a character expressly created for the film. In the story, Cole is a young MMA fighter , used to getting beaten up for money. He fights illegal cage matches just to put food on the table for his daughter Emily and his wife, Allison. The character does not know that he is destined to fight a deadly battle . Cole wears a distinctive birthmark that has made him the target of Outworld assassins . Jax Mortal Kombat Photo: Courtesy Warner Bros. Mehcad Brooks plays Jax – hong kong mobile company  better known as Major Jackson Briggs. He is a physically imposing and headstrong Special Forces soldier .


A born protector, who has always put the safety of those around him before his own hong kong mobile company . Although good-hearted, he is also a murderer with a sense of duty. Sub-Zero This character is undoubtedly one of the most iconic antiheroes in the world of video games . This killing machine uses ice to cause deaths in the name hong kong mobile company  of Outworld  list provider . Formerly known as Bi-Han, he is a ruthless assassin from the Lin Kuei clan. His training has made him lethal, and his intelligence helps him manipulate his prey . This character is played by Joe Taslim . Mortal Kombat Photo: Courtesy Warner Bros. “For me, the competition was not enough motivation, I felt that there must be something more, so when I came across the phrase ‘No one abandons the Lin Kuei’, I made that up. That was my motivation. It is never personal.  hong kong mobile company hong kong mobile companyIf you are in the Lin Kuei, you always will be, and if you are not, you have to die. “

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