Meteor shower and pink supermoon, among the astronomical events

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Meteor shower and pink supermoon, among the astronomical events

With the arrival of spring, the sky tends to be clearer at night, so it is probable that the astronomical events of this month of April 2021 can be observed with the naked eye; to be witnesses of the spectacles that nature gives away.  telephone number directory india This fourth month of the year a series of celestial phenomena will occur , which are some of the most anticipated of the whole year. From observable galaxies in the sky, planetary conjunctions or moons that are in telephone number directory india  the closest point to the earth , etc. However, two astronomical events attract powerfully attention during this month. The first of them will occur between telephone number directory india , the date on which the Lyrid meteor shower will take place .

You may also like: SpaceX and Elon Musk get ready to launch Mexican nanosatellite reveals spectacular images of auroras from the nightside of Jupiter astronomical events Fogo: Joshua Earle/Unsplashed. Every year, between , it is common for this astronomical event to occur , which takes its name because it occurs in the constellation of Lyra and occurs with the passage of comet C / 1861 G1 Thatches , They are remnants of this meteor , discovered in . That night between 10 and telephone number directory india escape stars will be seen, which can be observed without using a telescope . Although the best places to witness this surprising phenomenon will be in places far from the big cities, to avoid light pollution . astronomical events April 2021 Foto: Aron Visuals / Unsplash. Only four days later, telephone number directory india , the most anticipated astronomical event of the first four months of 2021 will occur : the ‘pink supermoon’ . It is so called because the Full Moon phase is at the closest point to Earth, that is, at perigee thousand 591 km away. The celestial phenomenon will begin  (Central Mexico time) on telephone number directory india and the full moon will be the next day.


Moon-Saturn conjunction , it can be observed towards the southeast of the firmament. Crocodile Eye Galaxy, will be seen in the night of this day, especially, towards the direction of the constellation Hunting Dogs. astronomical events Foto: Graham Holtshausen/Unsplash. You may also like: Summer hours: When does it start? Is the clock fast or slow? telephone number directory india Whirlpool Galaxy, also known as galaxy M51 or NGC list provider , will be seen most of the night, also towards the constellation of Hunting Dogs. telephone number directory india  Globular cluster , this is located in the constellation of the Centaurus and, due to its decline, only part of the night will be visible between 11:00 pm and 3:00 am. April 28 : the astronomical event that will close this month will be the Molineta Galaxy, discovered in 1781, which will be located for observation in the constellation of Ursa Major.

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