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Meet the new editor that Wikipedia will have

The Foundation Wikimedia is making changes to achieve a more user-friendly service. That is why a new editor (for the moment available only for the English version) has been Bahrain Phone Numbers List implemented that is much easier to use and it is hoped, it will serve to encourage more people to write articles in the most “complete” encyclopedia of network. Here we will show you what this new change consists of.

Wikipedia , the most popular and comprehensive encyclopedia on the Internet, has just implemented an editor for its articles, more visual and simple. It basically consists of seeing what you get instantly when changing an item, for this very reason the implemented tool is called WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get- What you see is what you get).

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This tool, which has been developed by the company for years and is the big step that was missing to finish the massification of Wikipedia, is currently available only in English. It is expected that the editor will be accessible for the rest of the languages ​​during this year (for example, the tool in French will be available on July 15). The WYSIWYG can be used by browsers Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

It is certainly great news for all people looking to add relevant information and that complicates how difficult it was to create or modify an article on Wikipedia. However, this can be a double-edged sword since much of the information published Phone Number List in this encyclopedia is of doubtful origin and in many cases is wrong. If anyone can publish and modify articles very easily, will the quality of the publications be lost? Could the encyclopedia lose credibility? Only time will tell.

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