Marketing That Strategy

This allows you to discover the ‘problems’ even better. Several times I have experienced that some websites or pages just load so very slowly, that this has had consequences for the findability. The biggest disadvantage is of course that you have to check Canada WhatsApp Number List this per page. Do you want to quickly find out which pages of the website load slowly?

Then take That Strategy a look

In Google Analytics under the Behavior menu under Site Speed ​​Page Timing. 2. Check and prepare to track reports Without reporting, you won’t know what progress has been made during your SEO campaign. Having a baseline measurement is important to get a good picture of the progress. You don’t want a message every week with. Why did we drop 1 position again yesterday?

Canada WhatsApp Number List
Canada WhatsApp Number List

That is why That Strategy

It is wise to set up Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Tag Manager, and possibly a report in Google Data studio at the beginning (just to stick to Google products). Many websites are already linked to Google Analytics, but often nothing else is tracked such as events and goals.

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