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Marketing and advertising agencies are renewed

Many of us have come to rely on the online marketplace for research and guidance in explains an aspect of existence. It is practically impossible to think about a subject that does not have a lot of websites catering because. From initial information gathering towards the detailed planning to put it all into practice, the worldwide web is your faithful friend. But can trust it the actual biggest day you can make? So what can your virtual wedding consultant do in order to? Schedule daily and weekly breaks. Many home workers find which spend excessive time at the computer can easily decrease overall productivity. So as to make sure to get a good one, research before you buy. The last thing you want is to become stuck in the outdated B2B email lists. In order to succeed, you need the most up-to-date lists to select from. Write two to-lists at one sitting for two days, one of which is an individual day and the other a vacation. your procrastination rate and your present productivity. On a weekend analyze these two notes in order to find the shortfalls of an ineffective to-do list. You will never write an ineffective one again!

Marketing and advertising agencies are renewed

Changes in advertising and marketing agencies are the order of the day. Some change managers, others open branches and some more simply change their image. Mexico DF; Changes in advertising agencies and marketing are the order of the day. Some change managers, others open branches, and others simply change their image. In the first instance and being the Oman Mobile Number Database most recent case, Circus Marketing appointed the founder and CEO of the company, Bruno Lambertini, as leader of the new Los Angeles office; while in Mexico Ignacio Liaudat and Enrique Tron will direct.

Circus Marketing with eight years of life and offices in Mexico, Argentina and Spain, announced the opening of a new headquarters located in Los Angeles, United States, where they already have a couple of clients and seek to consolidate themselves as a strong option in the Anglo-Saxon market Therefore, the founder and CEO of the network, Bruno Lambertini, will be based in the Californian city, giving way to the direction of Circus México, as of July 23, to the duo made up of Ignacio Liaudat and Enrique Tron. Ignacio Liaudat joined the firm since 2008, while Enrique Tron, from Marketing Department, Samsung’s joined in 2011. On the other hand, Havas WW Argentina has just announced the restructuring of its board of directors, following the departure of its former CEO, Fernando Vizcaino and the former creative general director, Gustavo Reyes.

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At Havas Argentina, Federico Lamaison will serve as the new CEO of the subsidiary, while Marcelo Waintraub will assume the position as creative general director and Sebastián Orlando will be the new creative director. According to a Havas report, this change is focused on an increase in creative development and a high interest in strategic and professional concentration in the brands for which it works. Federico Lamaison has a long history as general director of accounts at an international level. He was account director at BBDO Costa Rica and at DDB Chile.

In turn, and not due to a change in management, the Phone Number List Communication and agency PR , Art Marketing , changed its corporate image, pursuing the objective of consolidating in the digital format and adjusting to the new communication needs of its clients. According to information from the agency itself, the words that best describe the new image of the company, according to Beatriz de Andrés, General Director of Art Marketing , are ‘freshness and new illusions’. According to data released by the same agency, for Luis Sancha, director of MD Digital Marketing in Spain, and Claudio Heilborn, managing partner, “working with Art Marketing in the development of its corporate image has been a very rewarding experience”. Although they may seem small or not very relevant, for the interior of an agency and for productivity purposes, it is always good to make adjustments in both personnel and work strategies.

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