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The many examples and hard figures in the book mean that you can no longer ignore the feedforward method. Like the fact that: Bill Gates probably wouldn’t have appreciated the internet without his week of self-reflection. And so would not have Tunisia WhatsApp Number List started building its own browser (Internet Explorer). 60% of companies go bankrupt due to a lack of vision and idealism.

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The operational profit of organizations increases by 3.5% for every 10% more women at the highest management level, until there is an equal male-female distribution. feed-forward Schrikkema and Schreurs do indeed talk about ‘feedforward’. A cleverly conceived slogan that sticks well, although the implied contrast with ‘normal’ feedback is perhaps.

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Tunisia WhatsApp Number List

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The suggestion is that traditional feedback focuses on the negative, on what goes wrong, and therefore does not represent a constructive way forward. The purpose of feedback is of course also to make things go better next time. And you can’t always avoid signaling the things that haven’t gone well. But what matters is the overall approach within which this ‘criticism’ takes place.

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