Management and productivity applications triumph among professionals and employees

Business professionals and employees are increasingly incorporating mobile applications as a productivity tool in their daily tasks. According to data from LogMeIn, 70% of companies have staff who use their own applications for the daily management of their work. Even within the Uruguay Mobile Database new technologies department, they have an average of 2.8 of these applications for private use.

These are useful applications that make your daily task much easier. For this reason, 56% of workers actively demand this type of functionality, simple and practical. On the other hand, 54% focus on looking especially for apps to share and transfer files, without going any further.

Lo cual no deja de plantear dudas respecto a un uso adecuado de la información confidencial de la empresa, y la debida protección de los datos responsabilidad de la organización.

This fact is aggravated when workers use these tools, even if the company has their own, useful to perform similar functions. This is the case for 64% of employees, according to the LogMeIn study.

Faced with this problem, companies have chosen to try to regulate such use. 81% of the companies surveyed showed their firm intention to develop a policy in this regard in the next 2 years. In principle, a third of companies have not launched any initiative in this regard, while 30% try to block them, along with another 29%, who worry about analyzing their activity and monitoring, in order to guarantee its correct use and avoid possible problems.

On the other hand, aware of its application, 59% of these workers are concerned with integrating these profits within the organization, extending them to the rest of the staff.

Especially in the case of cloud computing applications. 67% share those remote access applications that are part of their particular toolbox.

Despite the generalization of this type of profit, still 39% of companies do not apply them within their normal operation.

Definitely, employees use technology Brother Cell Phone List to streamline their daily tasks. Resources that allow them to work collaboratively, optimizing time and resources. A new reality that undoubtedly raises doubts about the proper use and protection of data. For this, a specific regulation is necessary, in order to avoid unnecessary risks and promote a more open, productive and collaborative company culture.

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