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Few European regions resisted its invasion and the Roman Empire is still remembered today as a machine of efficiency and organization. This is a good online communication strategy. Relentless. organized. innovative and disciplined. If you want your company to have the best that the Romans brought to Western civilization. stay with me! Corporate communication strategies in turtle formation This summer I have been lucky enough to spend my summer vacation in the Eternal City. Strolling through the Forums. observing the Colosseum or visiting the Ara Pacis you get an idea of why this people dominated the entire West. part of the East and a good part of Africa for almost 500 years.

As you can imagine. it is not by chance that half the world is dominated for almost five centuries. A well-known example of what the Romans brought to military techniques is the turtle formation . that sort of parapet of shields that allowed soldiers to advance without injury and break through enemy lines. img-semblog Source: ABC story The turtle formation is just one of the many military innovations that made Rome an empire. His secret: a robust strategy with a team willing to stay true to a mission. Your employees do not have to start the working day in turtle formation (can you imagine the image?). but you can take this example of strategy as a model to apply to your company.

The 2000s Arrived And The Problems

Let’s see it! What is a communication strategy? Launching Latvia phone number new product or service on the market is more complicated than it seems. We are used to hearing the success stories of products that came about by chance . such as Viagra. LSD or the microwave. Chance has a lot to say in business success. no doubt. but none of these products would have gotten to where they are today if they hadn’t responded to a need (even for an illegal drug. that’s life). And of course. in addition to these successful products. the market is full of many other products and services that have gotten to where they are thanks to a careful corporate communication strategy. But. what is a corporate communication strategy?

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It is nothing more than a plan to launch a product or service on the market. It covers many aspects. such as the unique value proposition. the study of the competition. the creation of an audience. the selection of channels. the definition of a budget and the design of actions that allow you to achieve your goals. It’s serious. believe me. A good product with a bad strategy can ruin a company in no time. An example of bad corporate strategy. Google Glass It’s always surprising that a brand the size of Google fails in any of its products. but it happens to the largest. including the search engine giant.

As In Many Corporate Strategies

Google Glass. Google’s augmented reality glasses. failed for several reasons: users were seriously concerned about their privacy (nothing that they are not giving away to home voice assistants right now) in addition to the fact that. what the hell! they were hideous and no one with any aesthetic sense would go out with such a thing on their face. At least I. The price didn’t help either. $1.500 for glasses that. yes. could do a lot of things. but they were still big glasses that you couldn’t keep in your pocket like a cell phone. img-semblog Although Google put blood. sweat and tears into highlighting all the practical applications of these glasses. the reality is that they weren’t even on the market for two years.

Do you want your company to do the same? I’m sure not. as I don’t want it for mine either. so stay with me. Don’t stop reading. and take note. It is not enough to have a good product. You need to know if it fits what consumers are looking for. A good example of corporate strategy. Burberry Let me tell you a story that you may know. If you were born before 1980. you’ll remember that Burberry trench coats were… comfortable and effective against the rain. Spot. It was a product of excellent quality. no one doubts that. but no one would have thought of going to a front row in the 90s. With a Burberry trench coat. it was more of country clothes without a hint of sexy sauce .

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