Lo Que Viene: 11 Tendencias de Marketing Digital del 2021

The year that is ending leaves us with email and phone number list new ways of doing many things, including teaching, learning and connecting with audiences. Live videos and webinars or webinars played an important role and in 2021 they will continue to boom, because they allow audiences to connect directly with characters and influencers and reduce the geographical gap that separates the public from important events. Book launches, concerts, exhibitions, seminars and conferences have benefited from streaming platforms and it’s time email and phone number list to make the most of them: Zoom, Teams, Google Meets. Improve user experience As we tell you here, the user experience or UX is becoming more and more important. This means that you must put yourself in the shoes of your audience and understand what they need, regarding products and content to give them a positive experience. In this way you make sure that they buy and consume what you share on all your platforms.

Without a doubt, one of the most important digital marketing trends for 2021. email and phone number list Testing with content generated by Artificial Intelligence Tools like the GPT-3 API and Contentyze have emerged , using artificial intelligence to take data and create summaries, captions, and even full blog posts. We will see these trends increasingly in force and are expected to take off in 2021. Improve email and phone number list SEO 2020 was marked by digitization and that also means that audiences go to search engines before making a purchase decision. An important trend in

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the year that begins is to focus on content optimization or SEO so that search engines show our brands in the first results. SEO standards are constantly changing, so it is important to stay informed and email and phone number list updated. Learn about digital marketing BTODigital Reuse content on other channels With the arrival of more webinars and live videos, there are also more inputs for other formats and platforms, email and phone number list such as blog articles, infographics, and social media posts. Forgetting what was said and not using that content is a waste of valuable material list provider and in 2021 it will be very useful, as people will increasingly turn to digital platforms to learn and reinforce knowledge. Shopping on Social Networks

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