Lego and Star Wars surprise with three iconic kits and two Dark Side masks

In order to celebrate Lucasfilm’s 50th anniversary this year, Lego has just released three must-see kits for Star Wars lovers: first, the saga’s most beloved droid. Then, two masks or busts, one of Darth Vader; how do i call a number in germany another from a Scout Trooper and an Imperial droid Probe model. We begin by describing the main piece of this new Lego Star Wars release the most lovable droid in the galaxy can now be recreated in amazing detail with this piece set, the most feature-packed brick version of the original character to date. Both adult Lego builders and Star Wars fans can recreate their favorite moments from the movies as they create using  unique periscope, rotating head, and retractable half leg. The model also has hidden hidden tools how do i call a number in germany , such as the hilt of a lightsaber hidden in a secret compartment inside the head.

Courtesy Lego Newsroom. This set is perfect for anyone wanting a fun and immersive building experience, as when finished, the R2-D2 replica becomes an impressive focal point when displayed with the exclusive  how do i call a number in germany  version of the iconic droid and his Special Lego brick commemorating Lucasfilm’s 50th anniversary. As we mentioned, this year Lucasfilm celebrates half a century of dazzling stories with a range of fan-favorite commemorative products, including this new R2D2 model. Commenting on the new set , Jens Kronvold Frederiksen – Lego Star Wars Creative Director for the Lego Group – how do i call a number in germany We have had the pleasure of creating hundreds of Star Wars-inspired models over the past two decades since we first released the sets. of the franchise. Photo Lego Newsroom. “ As Lucasfilm celebrates its 50th anniversary, it seemed appropriate to challenge ourselves and push the limits of what is possible with bricks by recreating a Star Wars character in great detail like never before.

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We are delighted with the result and we hope that our fans enjoy as much building the sets as we do designing them ”, he concludes. The R2D2 kit is 31 cm high, about how do i call a number in germany  deep, and will be available exclusively at and Lego stores in Mexico and the world from May 1, with a price of 199 USD . You can also read: ‘Who Killed Sara list provider  All about the second season on Netflix Really heartbreaking movies available on Netflix More pieces from the Lego Star Wars collection Finally, three pieces make uptwo iconic additions to the collection set of Lego Star Wars helmets: one Darth Vader-inspired bust and one depicting a loyal Scout Trooper, accompanied by a striking new model that pays homage to the mighty Imperial reconnaissance droid Probe. Designed for seasoned adults and builders passionate about the Star Wars galaxy , fans can now build, display, and pay homage to the darkest lord of the Sith  how do i call a number in germany by taking on these new constructive challenges.

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