Learn what the SPIN Selling technique is and how to use it to win new customers

Asking the right question at the time of sale is basically applying the spin selling technique. This sales strategy has been around for over 30 years. As it was created by neil rackham in the 80’s. And since then it has helped salespeople to be more successful in their tasks. The process to use this technique is very simple. Just understand what it means. Its four pillars are: situation . Problem . I mplication and need . It is from these four words that spin selling offers guidance on the right questions to ask. In a strategy that aims to increase the sales rate. That is. In the same way that happens in the inbound marketing purchase journey . The customer often does not realize that he has a problem. Much less that there is a solution. Therefore. Knowing how to ask the right questions in a sale is essential for the prospect to realize on his own that he has a problem and that you can help him with a solution.

What is the SPIN Selling Technique

How to put the spin selling technique into practice? How to do spin selling to increase sales? You entrepreneur. Salesperson and/or sales professional. Prepare the paper and to write Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List everything down and apply it in the right way in your business. In a commercial action. Positioning yourself as a reference on the subject. Will make the customer realize that you know what you are talking about and this helps in decision making. But what questions to ask to take control of the situation? Situation questions (s) this is where your conversation with the potential customer begins. In this phase. In addition to generating empathy with the prospect. It is also necessary to focus on collecting relevant facts and data about the prospect ‘s situation .

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How to put the SPIN Selling Technique

The idea is to understand the context and analyze the problems faced by it.
But also don’t bother him with too many questions. But rather formulate accurate questions that contextualize the situation and that still generate credibility for the customer. Examples of situation questions what situation is your business currently facing? What channels does List Provider your company use to promote its products/services? How do you relate to your audience today? How is the process of sending email marketing? Are contact lists segmented according to their interests? What tools do you use to send emails? How do you deliver sales leads to your commercial? How are marketing campaigns analyzed? What sales process do you use today? How do you monitor the performance and efficiency of your sales team? What indicators do you use.

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