Testimonials can have a huge impact on how people feel about buying your product, so it’s worth making sure your testimonials are as credible as their peers. 7. Guarantee If you are confident in the quality of your Pakistan WhatsApp Number List your customers an unconditional guarantee, or at least some degree of risk protection. This will help convince people that your product is worth the money. Red Square notes around product pages on The Home Depot website: Lifetime Warranty Be specific Be specific about the product you sell, such as “battery-powered bicycle” instead of “bicycle.

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The latter provides specific details about who might buy this bike in particular. Use all available space to describe your product. Don’t let anything go unspoken! This includes not only what it does, but how you feel about Pakistan WhatsApp Number List any other information a potential client might find helpful. 11. Give additional reasons to buy the product If you need someone to buy something, make sure they know why it’s worth their time and money. Show them the value of what you’re selling with tangible details, like the lifespan of a battery or the weight of a bike (or any other feature that might affect people).

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Arrows pointing to key reasons to buy the product on the product page 12. Advantages > Features Emphasize all the benefits of the product. Customers care about what the product actually does for them. This Pakistan WhatsApp Number List highlighting the benefits of your product, not just features. For example, if you’re selling an electric toothbrush with features like a timer. Oscillation, charging when plugged in, and water resistance, don’t just talk about how cool those features are.