Jack Black meets with Cannes TV

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Jack Black meets with Cannes TV

I don’t think the Lions man is going to kill the Hollywood leader. Here are many leaders of Hollywood in Lions ” was the first thing that the American actor commented with his usual humor Jack Black, for the television of Cannes Lions 2013. Without a doubt, the Czech Republic Cell Phone Numbers List presence of the actor at the Festival is one of the great attractions for many. Black’s charisma and humor stand out and position him as a figure that represents the strength of the profession in the media. For this reason, in his television appearances, before being officially interviewed, he joked how unfair it was for faces that are not pretty, not to be in the foreground of the big screen.

Hoy, el actor tuvo la oportunidad de dirigirse a un gran grupo de gente y, en el marco del seminario de Yahoo – El mundo nuevo en el contexto online. Apelando a los hábitos del consumidor de hoy– Black discutió sobre la importancia de usar la Internet para entregar contenido al público de una forma que sea congruente con los hábitos diarios, con el foco en el contenido del video.

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Regarding Yahoo’s plan to produce a total of 50 programs for the Internet with a total of 400 episodes that are broadcast monthly, Black said “ I think about the Phone Number List way I like to watch content on the Internet; I see it on a small screen, in short periods of time. I think that while the screen is smaller, so is my attention. I think mood swings are good in short periods of time, ” and then he insisted that a 10-minute period seemed long enough to maintain attention. Also, in this interview, he referred to viral videos, ensuring that he, at least, does not intend to do something special in order to make it go viral, but rather that his intention is to do something fun. More than one teaching left with his appearance, which can be applied to marketing with confidence.

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