The data you collect in these early stages will form the basis for your long-term strategy. The more ads you can successfully test and mark as profitable, the easier it will be to expand your campaigns. “Scaling” is the Nigeria WhatsApp Number List of incrementally increasing ad spend to attract more customers and increase sales. management There are two types of scaling: In this example, we have an ad account that costs /month and wants to increase to /month.

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Scale out  Increase the payout for 10 campaigns from $100/month each to $500/month each. Vertical scaling: Increase payout for 1 campaign from $1,000/month to $5,000/month. So which do you choose? In % of cases, horizontal scaling is the better choice. why is that. It’s very important that you avoid making huge budget changes . Instead of adding to one Nigeria WhatsApp Number List add to 10 different campaigns. See the difference? A large increase in spend in a short period of time can lead to a plummeting campaign efficiency. Let’s say one of your campaigns spends $1,000 per month and gets 50 sales. You might be thinking, this is awesome, it means if I spend 5 times as much as I do, my sales will also be 5 times as much right?

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Incorrect! …well, most of the time. Ad spend and revenue don’t always scale linearly . Conversely, spending more per day leads to diminishing returns and higher CPA. You avoid putting all your eggs in one basket . If you’ve Nigeria WhatsApp Number List run paid advertising, you know that performance fluctuates from day to day. Now imagine that your monthly PPC spend is all in one campaign. That means it could be profitable on Monday and barely breakeven on Tuesday.