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Of course. If you have any questions about its use or any other question. you can contact our support team who will be happy to help you in the shortest time possible. These are the main novelties of the Acumbamail template editor: 100% responsive The customizable design o responsive It consists of restructuring web pages or emails to adapt to the device on which it is being viewed. In this way. the layout is different seen from a desktop than on different mobile devices like tablets The smartphones. In the editor you will see a preview of the desktop and mobile views to make sure both are to your liking. nuevo editor email acumbamail responsive Further. you can choose which elements are displayed in both formats or if you want to hide any of them in the mobile version.

new email editor acumbamail hide mobile Most email opens are made from mobile devices. So it is vital that you optimize your campaigns for them as much as possible. Use the advantage that the responsive design of our editor gives you. which will ensure a correct display of the email regardless of the device and the email manager used by the recipient. Much more personalized email design The visual part of your email campaigns is just as important as the content it includes. Based on feedback that we have received. listening to suggestions and opinions. We have designed 87 templates to offer you total versatility in the design of your newsletter.

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new email editor acumbamail templates It is as Bahrain Phone Number as choosing the one that best suits the action you want to communicate or your aesthetic criteria. and customize it to your liking in our template editor. Simplified workflow The editor distinguishes between three blocks that form a workflow that will allow you to customize the email in three different sections: new email editor acumbamail flow 1. Structure In the Structure tab you can select the format that each row will have to organize the information in the template. You can choose between a single column for the entire row. two columns of equal or different size. three and four columns. new email editor acumbamail columns Either starting from one of our templates. or creating one from scratch. the system.

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Drag & Drop (Grab and Drop) of our editor is really simple and intuitive to use. The editable properties of the rows are: background color. content area color. do not stack on mobile. and background image. In the columns you can customize the background color. padding (margins of the blocks). In addition, Borders and the option to “hide on mobile” if you are not interest on these devices. New email editor acumbamail rows 2. Content In the content menu you will find multiple options to add and customize. All the elements that will make up your email. from text to video. Through searching for images in royalty-free banks to embedding your own HTML fragments.

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Text editor The text editor appears when you select a part of it. and offers you multiple options. From the most obvious like change the font size. italic. bold. Add links or lists and paragraph justifications. to the selection of fonts and secondary fonts grouped in cascade. In case the main source is not compatible with the email. Client that the recipient uses to open the shipment. the main source will replace by a secondary one. New email editor acumbamail text editor Additionally. You can choose from four different line spans that adjust to the font size to improve readability.

new email editor acumbamail line spacing Images. In other words, It is important that your email campaigns have good content. And this does not apply only to the text. The visual part is very important to design Newsletter visually appealing that. Grab the attention of your subscribers and retain their attention. Images play a key role here and. therefore. We have included the possibility that you can search for them in different libraries without leaving our editor. These are royalty-free images that you can use in your campaigns without any problem. new email editor acumbamail editor images.

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