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Platforms that have become radar detection of inconsistencies between acting and preaching of brands. This aspect is relevant because previously the companies were governed under the raison d’être of maximizing the benefit for shareholders. an inspiration that only benefits those who have shares within the firm. given this David comments that it is now the current vision has evolved towards a vision of purpose. “There are companies that have gone to the other extreme. that have gone from maximizing profit for shareholders to wanting to save the world.” For David González . this vision is unrealistic . since he considers that the vision of all companies should be. native companies of purposes .

Since he considers that it is not about saving the world. but about building towards others. leaving aside the self-centered vision of companies and dedicate themselves to speaking more directly to consumers. post purpose For David. the post purpose is a trending topic. this is because consumers have become more critical. because companies must have more inspiring purposes. to be able to relate not only thinking about selling. but also Now looking to relate to employees and consumers. this trend has begun to be placed on all aspects of people. since brands. as David mentions.

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Have begun to realize that employees are Estonia phone number and vice versa. digital transformation Digital transformation is an aspect that had been on the table for decades; However. it was not until the arrival of the pandemic that the true digital transformation process took place. This aspect is evidenced in the study carried out by LLYC . in the section called When and not Where?. where David exemplifies a of consumer trends. since it points out that “Consumers want everything for !Now! Transforming the way of consuming towards immediacy. an aspect that today has been taken to the extreme.

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We want delivery to arrive at home in a shorter period of time”David mentions. Making visible that this trend has become little understood by users. generating a trend towards brands. since it is required to enter quickly. in good conditions and with a complete experience. Apple TV showed the image of Dua Lipa and Henry Cavill in “Argylle” and that alone became its best promotion. Apple TV surprised Dua Lipa fans with this new advertisement. Poster for the new film shows the singer in the arms of Henry Cavill. Streaming collaboration became a two-pronged marketing strategy.

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Dua Lipa and Apple TV became positive victims of the social media trend and generated a good marketing strategy where both the image of the singer and the streaming platform have received good comments. And it is that Dua Lipa is currently consider one of the most representative musicians in Latin America . while her partner in the promotion Henry Cavill is one of the actors with the longest track record; both today are the image of Apple. The artists will be together in a new movie. The Apple TV promotion shows the first image of the film where we see Henry Cavill and Dua Lipa staring at each other while the Superman interpreter holds her by the waist. How to keep in touch with co-workers while working remotely Although it was yesterday.

When Apple unveiled its new devices to the world. such as the iPhone SE 3 . The new productions with which the American company bets on streaming. And seeks to win over consumers of movies and original series were also present. . As is “ Argylle” . a film starring Dua Lipa and Henry Cavill. So far. “Argylle” does not have a release date. But it is most Apple TV platform at the end of the year or in early 2023. This is how. for the first time. Dua Lipa  seen in a new facet as an actress. So her fans are already looking forward to her participation on the small screen.

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