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Iron Anniversary, the incredible celebration for the ten years of Game of Thrones

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Iron Anniversary, the incredible celebration for the ten years of Game of Thrones

The tenth anniversary of ‘Game of Thrones’ will  indian mobile no directory be celebrated in a big way. One of the most representative series of recent times that captivated millions of viewers, it will be honored with the ‘Iron Anniversary’ , a celebration that will include special programming through HBO. The public in Latin America will be able to enjoy this event through HBO Signature and HBO GO , to be part of the tribute and invite new audiences to the next indian mobile no directory , and expected presentation of the franchise with ‘House of the dragon’, which will arrive in the year. Throughout the month of April, ‘Game of Thrones’ fans will be able to enjoy special programming that includes a selection indian mobile no directory  of featured episodes of different characters and marathons from each of the eight seasons of the series.

Marvel and Disney reveal spectacular new trailer for  indian mobile no directory ‘Loki’ From the beginning of the month to April 16 , three episodes dedicated to an iconic character from the series featuring his best moments will air on HBO Signature in primetime . After April 17, the official anniversary day of ‘Game of Thrones’, marathons of all seasons will be carried out to fully have the indian mobile no directory episodes that make up the successful series. This is the order in which they will be presented: April 5: Daenerys Targaryen indian mobile no directory Jaime Lannister April 8: Khal Drogo Obery Martell April 10: Dragons April 11: Best Battles on Game of Thrones April 12: Melisandre April 13: Brienne of Tarth April 14: Sansa Stark 15 de abril: White Walkers indian mobile no directory Jon Snow Game of Thrones HBO Starting from the official anniversary day of ‘Game of Thrones’, the marathons of the seasons will take place on indian mobile no directory Courtesy HBO. In trend: ‘Godzilla vs.


Who would win according to science indian mobile no directory  Disney confirms surprising cast for Obi-Wan Kenobi series April 17: Marathon Season 1 April 18: Marathon Season Marathon Season  Marathon Season Marathon Season indian mobile no directory  Marathon Season 7 April 24: Marathon Season 8 The celebration will be joined by TNT Series , which will broadcast the first and second seasons of ‘Game of Thrones in the special “10 years of Game of Thrones” , starting on April 5 at 11:30 p.m. Celebration merchandise Likewise, to celebrate 10 years of Game of Thrones , Warner Media Consumer Products, the licensing division of Warner Media, will launch list provider  several official products in association with important brands from Mexico indian mobile no directory  and other countries in the region. Do not miss: ‘Godzilla vs Kong’: the epic battle moves to collectible figures The items will be officially announced by Warner Media Consumer Products in the coming months.

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