Investing in mobile advertising

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Investing in mobile advertising

Everyone invests in the most expensive smartphone or one that has the best qualities (according to their needs, of course) but they do not take into account that the Singapore Mobile Number Phone List better it is, the more “bombardment” of pop-up advertising it will endure.

Everyone invests in the most expensive smartphone or one that has the best qualities (according to their needs, of course) but they do not take into account that the better it is, the more “bombardment” of advertising it pop-up will endure. According to a study carried out by the US Office of Internet Ads (IAB), it is considered that the figures bet everything on mobile advertising, since it has a strong and positive growth.

The same study estimates that global spending on Internet advertising for mobile devices increased 82.8% to $ 8.9 billion in 2012. Anna Bager, spokesperson for the IAB , assured that “The mobile phone is becoming a powerful medium by itself advertising . Massive acceleration continues to be an international impact of mobile providing exciting new frontiers for content and communication. ”

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According to the study, the Asia-Pacific region accumulates 40.2% of mobile ad revenue, followed by North America with 39.8% and Europe with 16.9%. According to figures from the Information Society in Spain of the Telefónica Foundation, the Iberian country leads the use of smartphones and occupies the first European position , since 63.2% of mobile consumers have one of this type. The rate exceeds that of the United Kingdom, which is one of the highest with 62.3%, France with 51.4%, Italy is too close with 51.2% and Germany in last place with 48.4%.

A study by the consulting firm Madvertise foresees that during 2013, 25% of advertisers will use the display as the most used advertising medium (banners and videos) since they also offer a greater memory of the brand, the apps that are predicted as the key tools for the conquest of advertising on the mobile phone of millions of citizens in our country.

A key factor for the Phone Number List growth of advertising in this area is the advancement of fourth-generation mobile networks, which will make people turn to the internet more often on their phones.

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