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Conceptual agencies, with a weaker focus on operational output and higher responsibility for business results. Please note: an agency pur sang is rarely hands-on or conceptual. You quickly notice which way they lean. We zoom in on the different Macedonia WhatsApp Number List types of agencies on the chart. This way you know where to turn when you are looking for a partner.

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Hands-on Do you want to jump right off the digital starting blocks? Then there is music in this type of agency. A hands-on agency has the role of initiator and is strong in executing digital campaigns, such as social media ads, SEO, and Google Ads. At this type of agency, you will find proven formulas for a strong start during your first steps in the digital landscape.

Macedonia WhatsApp Number List
Macedonia WhatsApp Number List

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This makes a hands-on agency an ideal first station on your path. When do you choose a hands-on agency? Do you have a clear picture of what your problems are? Then a successful collaboration will grow here. A hands-on agency is perfect for companies that are still at the start of their digital maturity. Do you plan to test certain hypotheses, create evidence and step into the digital marketing landscape without high costs upfront?

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