I doubled the renewal rate in 2 quarters at a quasi-unicorn SaaS company

The company I work for was name a quasi-unicorn this year and won the Gazelle Award. Its main business is CRM and relate products and services.

I am mainly responsible for the services of customers in Beijing and surrounding provinces and cities. And bear the renewal and additional purchase indicators. The maximum number of supporte customers is 180.

After joining this company, in order to achieve rapid results, I designe a set of customer operation methods by visiting several customers in the early stage. After several actual combat iterations, more obvious results have Albania Phone Number been achieve.

1. Find the problem

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When I first came into contact with a client at hand, I found the following potential risks:

  1. The contact person who keeps in touch with our company is usually: administrative, financial, IT director, rarely the boss, sales director, sales assistant role to directly manage the system.
  2. Customers don’t have a clear sense of the value of the system, they only know the input data, most of the feedback systems are not easy to use, and even some sales teams are disguste to use the system.
  3. The original system administrator of the customer has changed, the new system administrator is vacant or the administrator does not care about the maintenance of the system.

equally Analyze the above questions one by one:

  1. Our system lacks the use and maintenance of stakeholders on the customer’s side. In the long run, when the system is at the renewal node, there is no right person within the customer to provide support for renewal matters. It is very likely that the system lacks presence in the business process. to be replace or deactivate.
  2. The customer is not clear about the realization of their own needs through the system. If the customer finds more functional requirements that cannot be realize through the existing system, it is more likely to understand our competitors; the internal contradiction of the customer needs targete analysis , There are many reasons for sales reluctance to use the system. If the manufacturer can intervene, the manufacturer can provide better support and solutions.
  3. Clients without the right administrators are at high risk, and the client is left on its own. If there is no targete reactivation, it will be easy to break the contract when it reaches the renewal node.

Second, the solution

I solve the above problem in 2 key ways:

  1. Looking for KP (key person; key person): People who don’t care about the use of the system are not suitable to be the docking person or qualified KP; the role of the customer who cares about the use of the system and has greater power is more suitable for the docking person. And is more in line with Conditions of KP. Therefore, under the current working environment. I will contact the customer’s sales director or boss through the current method of contact person referral. If the contact person does not cooperate with the communication. I will investigate the customer’s complete information as much as possible, and then pass Visit the way to get in touch with KP. In the future, I will write a special article to summarize my method of investigating customers.
  2. Pull KP to cooperate with the construction of the system: After finding the KP. The other party usually expects that the customer. Success manager can bring value output. which is mainly the idea of ​​business. Diagnosis and the case of the same industry. As a customer success manager, you need to increase your customer’s switching costs to prevent. customers from switching. Or decommissioning systems easily. Therefore, through the contact with KP. It is a reasonable and appropriate way to let customers cooperate with the system to use the system more deeply.

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