How to create a company in the United States from Colombia

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How to create a company in the United States from Colombia

If you are aware of the importance of globalization in today’s world, you also know that one of the best decisions you can make as an entrepreneur is to create a list mobile phone numbers  company in the United States . And doing it from Colombia may be easier than you think. We know that starting your own business from scratch is a great challenge. The Limited Liability Company (LLC) is the easiest way to create your company. They are one of the most popular corporate forms in the United States, since they combine the limited liability of their members against business obligations with advantageous tax conditions and simplicity in administrative procedures.

Additionally, the LLC owners may not reside in the United States . Table of Contents Advantages of creating a company in the USA Steps to create a business in the United States How to start a company in the United States with Stripe Atlas? How to create a company in the list mobile phone numbers United States with the help of lawyers in Colombia? 4 tips to create your company in the United States from Colombia Get a business bank account in the United States Understand US taxes Create an online retail presence Acquire financing Do you want to create your company in the USA? Write to us Advantages of creating a company in the USA The United States is not only one of the most important and advanced nations in the world. It also represents many advantages for Latin American entrepreneurs looking to start doing business or expand successful brands in list mobile phone numbers their territory. Here are some advantages of opening a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the United States: Access to one of the largest consumer markets in the world.

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Very simple constitution. Fewer formalities are required than for a Corporation (equivalent to a Public Limited Company). Non-US members are not required to pay taxes as long as they do not do business in the country. Not conducting business means, for example, not having any physical establishment. There is no obligation to present audited annual accounts if, likewise, business is not done in the country. A company domiciled in the United States inspires more list mobile phone numbers trust than one located in a tax haven. Access to the US banking system. Many business transactions are carried out through US banks, so owning a business and bank account in the country can save you various operating costs. Possibility of opening an account on world gateways such as Stripe. Learn more about Stripe in this article . Download our Digital Presence list provider Checklist for free : What does your company need to be noticed on the Internet? here. Steps to create a business in the United States Before taking

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